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Boost Your Poultry Processing with Versatile 300-3000 BPH Slaughterhouse Equipment | Eruis Equipment

July 26, 2023

Welcome to Eruis Poultry, your reliable and innovative slaughterhouse equipment supplier! We take pride in offering top-of-the-line poultry slaughtering machines, including our cutting-edge chicken evisceration machine and small-scale chicken processing equipment.


As one of the leading slaughterhouse equipment suppliers in the industry, we understand the unique needs of poultry processors. That's why our poultry slaughtering machine is designed to handle production capacities ranging from 300 to 3000 birds per hour (BPH). It's the perfect solution for both small-scale chicken farms and mid-sized slaughterhouses, providing unmatched versatility to meet your specific processing requirements.

Eruis Compact Poultry Slaughter Line

When it comes to chicken evisceration, our advanced machine guarantees seamless and efficient operations. The automatic control system and adjustable speed device optimize the process, increasing the original slaughter volume by over 200 BPH. This not only saves valuable time but also reduces labor costs, making your operations more cost-effective and productive.


For small-scale chicken processors, our specially crafted equipment is a game-changer. Our small-scale chicken processing equipment is designed with cost-effectiveness in mind. You won't need to invest in multiple lines for different production volumes, as our equipment adapts easily to your evolving needs. This means you can optimize your budget and focus on growing your business without worrying about excessive expenses.


At Eruis, sustainability is a core value. Our poultry slaughtering machines and equipment are built with an eco-friendly approach, minimizing energy wastage and reducing your carbon footprint. By choosing our products, you contribute to a greener future and showcase your commitment to responsible practices.


We pride ourselves on the reliability and performance of our equipment. The sturdy design and state-of-the-art technology ensure consistent and flawless operations, minimizing downtime and maintenance costs. With Eruis poultry equipment, you can trust that your processing line will run smoothly and efficiently, giving you the competitive edge you need in the market.

Eruis Compact Poultry Slaughter


Eruis Poultry is your go-to supplier for top-quality slaughterhouse equipment, including poultry slaughtering machines, chicken evisceration machines, and small-scale chicken processing equipment. Whether you're a small-scale chicken farmer or manage a mid-sized slaughterhouse, we have the perfect solution to meet your production needs. Join us in creating a greener and more productive future for the poultry industry. Contact us today to explore our customizable solutions tailored to your business!

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