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Poultry Slaughter Line


Eruis is a renowned supplier of top-quality poultry processing equipment, with over four decades of experience in the industry. Our team of experts is skilled in product development, design, manufacturing, sales, installation, and after-sales service, ensuring that our customers receive the best service possible. Our extensive knowledge and practical experience allow us to deliver reliable, high-performance equipment with exceptional full-service capabilities, at a competitive price.

We specialize in offering a diverse range of poultry slaughtering and processing machines that cater to the processing requirements of different chicken breeds. Our equipment is customizable to suit your specific needs, and we offer free consulting services to ensure that our products satisfy your national criteria and export standards, obtaining CE, SGS, ISO, and other certificates.

Our equipment features a range of processes, including conveying, stunning, hair removal, gutting, pre-cooling, cutting, boning, grading, weighing, and packaging, among others. We offer automatic chicken slaughtering machines capable of processing more than 10,000 poultries per hour. We also provide small-scale abattoir equipment and small-scale poultry processing equipment, as well as auxiliary projects required by slaughterhouses, such as breeding equipment, steel construction, boilers, ice machines, cold storage, sewage treatment, and more.

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