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Our poultry evisceration equipmentuse Food Grade SUS304 ,it is easy cleaning and with long life.

Gizzard fat washer is used to wash the gizzard fat, it's adopted in mechanical centrifugal rotation method to wash the fat, no gizzard damage and high washing rate. 

Gizzard skin peeler is used to peel yellow skin off from gizzard after fat washing. Adopted with loxodont rolling method, can peel the yellow skin off the gizzard completely.     

Lung gun system is ideal equipment to clear the lung, its unique peumatic wrench design helps to release operator fatigue, also reduce working mistakes. The instant vacuum function eliminates regular gun’s retardation action. By vacuum absorb the disinfectant and making surface sprinkling helps to keep the equipment in best hygiene status, it's easy to clean and meets the commodity inspection and food hygiene standard.

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