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Why Do Chicken Farmers Need Slaughterhouses? | Eruis

November 18, 2022

Why do poultry farmers need slaughterhouses?


An example that may tell you why poultry farmers need a slaughterhouse. Georgia is the nation's biggest producer of broiler chickens. But small chicken farms have been pushed to the margins of this lucrative industry for years because they don't have access to the local industrial slaughterhouse. Run by big companies, slaughterhouses process thousands of birds an hour and will not slow down for a small order.


So small-scale poultry producers have been forced to take their livestock out of state for slaughter. That costs extra time and money that can barely afford. So the boss of chicken farmers tends to nurture the chickens and slaughter them on their farms.


How to solve this problem? As far as I am concerned, firstly chicken farms should unite together to negotiate with the slaughterhouse to fight for benefits. But the more important thing is that maybe you should expand your business to create your own slaughterhouse. And then you don't need to worry about the transportation or the price from the slaughterhouse, and also you can make more money by selling the chickens.

How to solve this problem?
Build your own slaughterhouse!

For chicken farmers, the price of chicken broilers and eggs is changing a lot. The changing price is related to the farming profit and the chicken. It's still a big problem to confront such a huge market risk. They are facing a lot of stress in the business. Therefore, the poultry industry upgrade needs to change the present farming mold and production management, and so on. It needs the combination of software and hardware, sorting out the big data, three molds of breeding, slaughter, and processing. Nowadays, the enterprise needs a more integrated solution. The obvious answer is the poultry slaughterhouse.

Using big data and the Internet of things, connecting poultry farming, slaughter, and meat processing, which makes the market price and consumption appeal convey to the front-end chicken farms. It will push the poultry industry to walk in a more efficient and healthier direction.

After slaughtering enterprises are standardized, the benefit is that it limits the vitality of the slaughtering market. But it also regulates slaughter as a market. The slaughtering market is restricted, which has an impact on chicken farmers and increases the threshold for entering the breeding industry.

Hence, due to the market risk, the standardized slaughterhouse, and the kinds of accidents, while conveying your chickens to other people's slaughterhouses, your chicken farming business is facing a lot of uncertain factors all the time.


So it's time to expand your chicken farming to an integrated solution that collects chicken farming, slaughter, and meat processing. It's time to create your own slaughterhouse.

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