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What Is the Chicken Scalder? | Eruis

November 03, 2022

What is the chicken scalder?

A plucker is nothing without a perfect scald. Before plucking and after having bled out, the chickens are conveyed into a water tank filled with hot, scalding water. Hence the name of the machine: scalder or scalding tank. The water is heated by heating elements and functions to open the chicken's pores and help loosen the feathers from the skin. 

The scalder is used before plucking during the mass poultry slaughter process. It replaces the laborious work of manual scalding, such as preparing hot water before slaughtering and controlling the temperature of the water and the time of scalding.

Let's get to know the chicken scalder!

The scalder is generally made of stainless steel, but the stainless steel is divided into different grades. Good stainless steel can be rust and corrosion-resistant, hard and durable.

The machine drives the rubber roller to rotate by the motor and adds airflow to double stir, instead of a manual stir, so that the chicken turns over inside the machine. The contact area between chicken feathers and water is fully increased. The chicken is heated fully and evenly and the plucking will save time and energy.

The scalder adopts a box structure to reduce the loss of heat with energy saving. Auto water level controlling and auto water temperature controlling system, heated directly by steam. There are two heating modes: electric heating and steam heating, which can be selected by users with different needs. The scalding machine is suitable for different kinds of chickens. The corresponding scalding temperature and time are set according to the different breeds of chickens. After the scalding work is completed, the chickens can be taken out manually. 

If the temperature of scalding water is too high, the chicken skin will be damaged and the skin will be removed when plucking. If the temperature is too low, the feathers will be plucked hard.

The scalder is suitable for poultry slaughtering farms or meat processing plants. Eruis can provide you with a one-stop purchase program. Eruis's scalder in both material and technology is excellent. It's made of high-quality stainless steel 304. And the setting water temperature and scalding time of the scalder are researched scientifically, which makes the chicken scalded properly, with no skin damage but plucking easily. Whether you need a scalder, a plucker, or a poultry slaughtering line, Eruis can provide you with the best equipment and service!

Eruis equipment is a professional manufacturer of chicken slaughter line equipment including excellent scalding machines. If you want to learn more about chicken scalder, please click here! Eruis Chicken Scalder

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