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Transforming Zambia's Poultry Industry: Mwila's Success Story with Eruis

A Leap into the Future


In the year 1999, Mwila embarked on a journey that would not only transform her poultry business but also set new standards for Zambia's poultry industry. Her decision to invest in Eruis' 1000 Birds Per Hour (BPH) Poultry Slaughter Line marked her bold leap into the future of poultry processing. And as she looks back on that decision today, the impact is nothing short of remarkable.


A Glimpse of the Past: Zambia's Poultry Industry


Zambia's poultry industry in 1999 was a far cry from the mechanized and efficient systems we see today. Mwila vividly recalls, "Back then, we processed just 1000 chickens a day. It was a labor-intensive, time-consuming process that severely limited our growth potential.

Exploring the Flourishing Poultry Industry in Zambia


Eruis Enters the Picture: A Game-Changer


Enter Eruis, and everything changed. The installation and setup of the Eruis 1000 BPH Poultry Slaughter Line were flawless. But it was what this innovative system did for Mwila's business that truly stood out.


Production Efficiency Soars


Before Eruis, processing 1000 chickens in a day was the norm. With Eruis, that number skyrocketed. In just one hour, the Eruis system efficiently processed 1000 chickens. The difference was staggering, with Mwila's daily production surging by an astonishing 332%.


A Closer Look at the Numbers: Production Efficiency


Let's delve into the numbers to truly understand the impact:


Before Eruis: 1000 chickens/day

After Eruis: 1000 chickens/hour

This monumental leap in production efficiency wasn't just about numbers; it was about breaking barriers, maximizing potential, and fueling growth. Mwila's poultry business was no longer constrained by time and labor.

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Revenue Growth: A Game-Changer for Mwila


While the boost in production efficiency was undoubtedly a game-changer, it's the impact on revenue that truly defines Mwila's success story.


Revenue Growth in Numbers


Within the first year of implementing the Eruis 1000 BPH Poultry Slaughter Line, Mwila's annual revenue saw an astonishing 332% increase. This wasn't just a growth spurt; it was a seismic shift in her poultry business.


A Leap into the Future: Eruis and Mwila


Mwila's story is not just about poultry; it's about possibilities. It's about how one decision, one investment, and one partnership can redefine an entire industry. Eruis didn't just provide a machine; they provided a future.

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Join Mwila in Embracing Eruis


If you're a poultry farmer or a poultry slaughterhouse owner, you've likely faced your share of challenges. Mwila's story is an invitation, a beacon of hope that tells you there's a better way. Embrace Eruis, and step into the future of poultry processing.


Contact Eruis Today


The future of your poultry business is just a step away. Contact Eruis today, and let them be your partner in transformation. Don't settle for the status quo; don't let challenges hold you back. With Eruis by your side, the future of poultry processing is brighter than ever.

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