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Our employees are skilled at utilizing state-of-the-art technologies.In the application field(s) of Slaughtering Equipment, 1000BPH 2000BPH 3000BPH poultry slaughtering line / chicken killing is widely used and highly recognized by users. We have been constantly developing new technologies to manufacture value-added 1000BPH 2000BPH 3000BPH poultry slaughtering line / chicken killing.It can be widely found in the application field(s) of Slaughtering Equipment. Nanjing Eruis Equipment Co., Ltd. has always insisted on winning by "quality", and has won wide recognition and praise from many companies with high-quality services.

Applicable Industries:Manufacturing Plant, Food & Beverage Factory, Construction works , Food & Beverage ShopsShowroom Location:United States, Philippines, Indonesia, Ukraine, Nigeria, Uzbekistan
Place of Origin:Jiangsu, ChinaBrand Name:BAIYUN
Weight:1500 KGWarranty:3 years
Key Selling Points:AutomaticMarketing Type:New Product 2020
Machinery Test Report:ProvidedVideo outgoing-inspection:Provided
Warranty of core components:1 YearCore Components:Bearing, Motor, Gear, Engine
Material:Stainless Steel 304Name:Poultry Slaughter Machine
Suit for:Chicken Duck Goose BirdColor:Silver
Size:Customized SizeAfter-sales Service Provided:Video technical support

Processing line

Equipment Needed

Slaughtering  line

Brid reception


Bleeding Through

Scalding Machine

Plucking Machine

Evisceration line

Evisceration Trough

Working table

Pre-chilling line

Screw Pre-chilling machine

Water separation table

Cutting up line

Desk type cutter

Working table

By-product processing line

Gizzard washer

Gizzard skin peeler

Crate Transfer Washing
The crate-washing conveyor plays a vital role in maintaining hygiene standards within a poultry processing plant. Specifically designed for washing crates, this equipment utilizes high-pressure water to effectively clean both the inside and outside surfaces. With an automated water cycling system, it optimizes water usage while ensuring thorough cleaning. Additionally, the inclusion of a filter drum automatically removes litter, enhancing the equipment's reliability and longevity. These features make it an essential component of poultry slaughtering equipment and contribute to the overall efficiency of slaughterhouse operations.
Slaughter Transfer Line
The slaughter transfer line plays a pivotal role in automating poultry slaughtering procedures, encompassing essential tasks like scalding and plucking. Tailored to meet the demands of slaughterhouse machinery and poultry slaughter equipment, this line facilitates streamlined and standardized operations. Equipped with advanced control systems, it ensures unparalleled precision and consistency, all while adhering rigorously to stringent commodity inspection and food hygiene standards.
Air Blowing Scalder
The air-blowing scalder, integral to the scalding process preceding poultry plucking, boasts a box-shaped construction that emphasizes energy efficiency. Utilizing direct steam heating, coupled with automatically controlled water temperature and level, this equipment ensures optimal scalding performance. With its airflow agitation feature, it not only achieves impeccable scalding results but also caters to diverse processing capacity requirements. This makes it an ideal component for small-scale chicken slaughter machines, aligning perfectly with the offerings of poultry processing equipment suppliers.
A Shape Plucker

The plucker, an essential component post-scalding for feather removal, is meticulously designed to accommodate varying poultry types and processing capacities. Its precision engineering ensures flawless plucking performance while safeguarding against beak damage. Incorporating cutting-edge waterproof and noise-reduction features in the bearing chamber enhances its longevity. This plucker boasts a range of desirable features, including a high pluck rate, low damage rate, and minimal faults. Moreover, its user-friendly design facilitates easy operation, repair, and adjustment, while its high level of automation streamlines processes. These attributes make it an invaluable addition for slaughterhouse equipment suppliers catering to the demands of small-scale chicken slaughter machines.

Eviscerated Transfer Line

The eviscerated transfer line, a crucial element in poultry processing, facilitates the open and eviscerated stages with precision and efficiency. Crafted from durable stainless steel and nylon materials, it ensures longevity and reliability in operation. Equipped with variable frequency control, it allows for adaptable speed adjustments, optimizing performance based on specific processing requirements.

Manufactured by leading poultry processing equipment manufacturers, this eviscerated transfer line adheres to stringent commodity inspection and food hygiene standards. Its seamless integration into processing workflows ensures compliance with industry regulations while enhancing productivity and product quality. As an essential component of slaughtering equipment, it plays a vital role in streamlining poultry processing operations for optimal efficiency and hygiene.

Screw Pre-chiller

The Screw Pre-chiller plays a pivotal role in the pre-chilling process post-evisceration in poultry processing. Engineered for efficiency, this chiller utilizes high-pressure air flow agitation and a screw blade push-ahead method to ensure thorough cleaning and uniform chilling of poultry meat. Its adaptable length caters to varying processing capacities, offering flexibility to meet industry demands while maintaining compliance with commodity inspection and food hygiene standards. As a component of small-scale chicken processing equipment, this pre-chiller contributes to streamlined operations and enhanced product quality. It serves as an essential slaughtering machine in the poultry processing line, facilitating optimal pre-chilling to preserve meat freshness and hygiene throughout the production process.

Portioning Transfer Line

The Portioning transfer line is an essential component of poultry processing, particularly in the cutting-up procedure. Constructed with durable materials such as stainless steel and nylon, this line incorporates variable frequency control to ensure precise operations. It adheres strictly to commodity inspection and food hygiene standards, underscoring its reliability and suitability for use in poultry processing plants.

As part of slaughterhouse supplies, the Portioning transfer line contributes to the efficient and hygienic processing of poultry products. It is integral to small-scale chicken processing equipment setups, enabling streamlined operations while maintaining quality and safety standards throughout the cutting-up process.

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