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Strict IQC, IPQC, and OQC in Eruis Manufacturing

February 22, 2024

Embark on a journey through the meticulous production process of Eruis, where precision meets passion. In this blog, we unveil the inner workings of our manufacturing process, highlighting the intricate steps and attention to detail that define our commitment to excellence.

Unveiling IQC: Meticulous Material Inspection

At the onset of our production journey lies IQC – Incoming Quality Control. Here, each component undergoes meticulous inspection to ensure unparalleled quality. From the moment 304 stainless steel arrives at our facility, it is subjected to rigorous scrutiny, assessing its composition, integrity, and suitability for our poultry processing equipment. Only materials meeting our stringent standards proceed to the next stage, ensuring the foundation of durability and reliability in every machine we produce.

Exploring IPQC: Rigorous Process Checks

As materials progress through our production line, IPQC – In-Process Quality Control – takes center stage, ensuring every step of the manufacturing process meets our exacting standards. Skilled technicians meticulously inspect each welding point, ensuring precision and strength. Every electrical circuit undergoes thorough examination and testing, with no detail overlooked. Calibration of components is performed with meticulous care, guaranteeing optimal performance and longevity. Through each stage of assembly, our team meticulously checks for alignment, fit, and finish, ensuring that every poultry processing machine meets our uncompromising standards of quality.

Unveiling OQC: Final Quality Assurance

The culmination of our production journey is OQC – Outgoing Quality Control. Here, every machine undergoes a comprehensive final inspection, leaving no aspect unchecked. Functionality, performance, and safety are rigorously assessed, ensuring that each poultry slaughtering equipment leaving our facility meets the highest standards of excellence. From the smooth operation of moving parts to the flawless finish of surfaces, our dedicated team meticulously evaluates every detail. Only machines that pass this stringent final checkpoint earn the prestigious Eruis stamp of approval.

Crafting Excellence: Choose Eruis for Precision You Can Trust

At Eruis, precision is not just a goal – it's our guiding principle. From the meticulous inspection of materials to the rigorous testing of finished products, we leave no stone unturned in our quest for excellence. When you choose Eruis for your poultry slaughtering equipment needs, you're not just investing in machinery – you're investing in peace of mind. Trust in Eruis for precision you can rely on, every step of the way.

In an industry where quality is paramount, Eruis stands as a beacon of excellence. Through our meticulous IQC, IPQC, and OQC processes, we ensure that each poultry processing machine meets the highest standards of durability, reliability, and performance. Experience craftsmanship at its finest and choose Eruis for your poultry processing needs.

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