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Eruis Compact Slaughter Line Unleashes 95% Automation with Labor Cost Savings of $270,000

December 13, 2023

Revolutionizing Poultry Processing: Eruis Compact Slaughter Line Unleashes 95% Automation


In the dynamic landscape of poultry processing, Eruis takes the lead with its Compact Slaughter Line, boasting an unprecedented 95% automation coverage. This article will navigate through the intricacies of automated processes, spotlighting scalding, de-feathering, and pre-cooling, all while unveiling numerical insights into this groundbreaking level of automation.


1. Automated Scalding: Precision Redefined


The scalding phase, a linchpin in poultry processing, undergoes a paradigm shift with Eruis Compact Slaughter Line's automated scalding. This isn't just about precise temperature control; it's about crafting a seamless, uniform experience for every poultry.


Numerical Insight: Achieving an automation rate of 98%, the scalding process ensures each bird undergoes optimal conditions without manual intervention.


2. Defeathering Mastery: Efficiency in Every Pluck


Traditionally labor-intensive, de-feathering transforms into a choreography of efficiency with Eruis Compact Slaughter Line's intelligent plucking machine. Operating at an outstanding rate, it not only enhances efficiency but achieves an unmatched plucking rate.


Numerical Insight: The plucking machine attains an extraordinary 99.5% automation level, guaranteeing efficient feather removal without manual adjustments.


3. Pre-cooling Precision: Freshness Elevated


Eruis's technology transforms pre-cooling into a precise and automated affair. Seamlessly integrated into the Compact Slaughter Line, the pre-cooling system guarantees optimal temperatures, preserving freshness from the inside out.


Numerical Insight: Achieving a high 96% automation level, the pre-cooling process swiftly and accurately brings down the poultry's temperature to the desired range.


The Impact Beyond Efficiency


Eruis Compact Slaughter Line's 95% automation coverage isn't just about reducing manual labor; it's about elevating the entire poultry processing experience.


Consistent Quality: Every bird undergoes meticulously automated processes, ensuring a consistent and superior quality output.


Operational Efficiency: Reduction in manual interventions minimizes errors, significantly increasing overall operational efficiency.


Resource Optimization: Seamlessly integrated automated processes substantially reduce the need for manual labor, optimizing resources and minimizing operational costs.


Manpower Reduction and Cost Savings: A Quantitative Leap


After introducing the Eruis Compact Slaughter Line, the company achieved substantial labor cost savings. Previously requiring 20 workers, the line now operates with only 5 operators, leading to significant monthly and annual savings.


Monthly Labor Cost Savings: $22,500.


Annual Labor Cost Savings: $270,000.


Improved Production Efficiency: Meeting Market Demand Head-On


With a 40% increase in production efficiency, Eruis Compact Slaughter Line handles 3,000 bird BPH, meeting market demands swiftly and efficiently.


Quality Control and Consistency: Precision at its Core


Automated precision results in a product qualification rate of 99.5%, significantly reducing quality fluctuations caused by human factors.


Eruis Compact Slaughter Line's commitment to 95% automation isn't merely a technological milestone; it's a transformative journey. By focusing on key processes and providing tangible benefits, Eruis not only automates but elevates poultry processing. This signifies a harmonious coexistence of efficiency and quality, where every number reflects a step towards a future where innovation and precision define the poultry processing landscape.

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