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CAD Process Drawing 

Chicken Slaughter Process

Eruis stainless steel shackles can bear over 100kg in weight. 

Stun the chicken immediately with a safety device for operators.         

After stunning, workers can slaughter the chickens easily and fast.


The chickens hung upside down on the transfer line, shifting and bleeding.                                     

Automatic control of water level and temperature for scalding the chickens.

De-feathering the chickens clearly with a speed&angle control function.  

Chicken heads will be cut automatically with a sharp edge.      

On the chicken slaughter line, workers will eviscerate the viscera.

The automatic sharp cutter device will cut the chicken feet fast and high-efficiently.   

The slaughtered chickens will drop on the bird-received platform for further disposing.
Applicable Industries: Hotels, Building Material Shops, Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops, Food & Beverage Factory, Farms, Restaurant, Home Use, Retail, Food Shop, Printing Shops, Construction works, Energy & Mining, Food & Beverage Shops, Advertising companies Showroom Location: Egypt, Turkey, United States, Viet Nam, Philippines, Brazil, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Mexico, Russia, Thailand, Morocco, Kenya, Argentina, South Korea, Chile, UAE, Colombia, Algeria, Sri Lanka, Romania, Bangladesh, South Africa, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Nigeria, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Malaysia, Australia
Condition: New Application: POULTRY
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China Brand Name: Eruis
Voltage: 380V Dimension(L*W*H): customized
Weight: 600 KG Warranty: 3 years
Key Selling Points: High Productivity Marketing Type: Ordinary Product
Machinery Test Report: Provided Video outgoing-inspection: Provided
Warranty of core components: 3 years Core Components: Bearing, Motor, Pump, Gear, PLC, Other, Pressure vessel, Engine, Gearbox
After-sales Service Provided: Engineers available to service machinery overseas Processing: Complete Slaughter Line
Feature: Customized Slaughter Line

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Eruis participated in the International Poultry and Livestock Show in Pakistan
Eruis CEO Rais in the International Livestock Exhibition in Russia.
Eruis participated in the International Livestock Exhibition in Bangladesh.                          
Sales Network

  • Q
    Are you a trading company or a factory?
    We are a manufacturer, and our company has the right to import and export all kinds of goods.

  • Q
    What is the material of the machine?
    We use Food Grade SUS304 ,it is easy cleaning and with long life.
  • Q
    How do you control quality?
    We have a quality control process embodied in IS09001,We carry out three stages of quality f rom raw material procurement inspection certificate - incoming inspection - process inspection - finished product (appearance/performance/test) - warehousing - shipping inspection. During the whole process, our company is equipped with IQC/IPQC/OQC positions.
  • Q
    What's the delivery time ?
    About 20-30 working days.
  • Q
    What kind of certificate you have ?
    We have ISO9001, ISO14001,PED,SGS,CE.
  • Q
    What are your terms of payment?

    Generally need to pay a deposit of 30 dollars and pay the balance payment before shipment. L/C,T/T, cash, If you have problems about capital turnover at earlier stage,please tell me and i can apply to company to pay deposit according to actual situation.

  • Q
    How should we do if we don`t know how to install and operate the machine?
    We provide overseas installion and also can train for you.
  • Q
    If quality problems occur, how do you resolve them?
    1. We will responsible for all the quality problems. 2. Before leaving the factory, the equipment will be debugged and operated for 3 days. During the trail,we will communicate with you on video about the performance of the product and the precautions for use, so there will be no problems under normal circumstances. 3.Call our sales staff and explain the cause of the quality problem. 4.We will set up a technical team right the moment and solve the problems for you on 5.If it is a part replacement problem, we will provide the local purchasing  information within one hour.     6.We have a 7/24H service online team, to provide lifelong service, to solve problems for customers , no worries.
  • Q
    How many years has your factory been established?
    Professional poultry slaughter manufacturer since 1980.

  • Q
    What are your company's advantages?
    1. We have been specialized in the slaughter industry since 1980 and have obtained CE, SGS, ISO and other certificates. More than 10,000 poultry can be slaughtered per hour. 2. We specialize in providing a variety of poultry slaughtering and processing machines to meet the processing needs of different breeds of poultry. We can customize equipment according to customer's needs, provide free consulting services and design solutions for customers. 3. We provide CAD and 3D design drawings. We carry out three stages of quality control (IQC/IPQC/OQC) to ensure product quality. 4. We offer a 36-month quality warranty and complimentary one-year fragile parts. 5. We have a 7/24H service online team, to provide lifelong service, to solve problems for customers , no worries. 6. We also provide auxiliary projects required by slaughterhouses, such as aquaculture equipment, steel structure building, boiler, ice machine, cold storage, sewage treatment and other turnkey projects. Provide customers with poultry slaughtering equipment automatic processing system one-stop service. 7. Our factory has passed ISO 9001 international quality certification. 8. We choose raw material suppliers with certificates, 100% guarantee that the materials are environmentally friendly.
  • Q
    Which countries do you sell to?
    The United States is our largest market. Many of our customers are traders from the United States, but most of the equipment they buy is exported to developing countries - Southeast Asia. Developing countries are also our key markets.
  • Q
    In which country do you sell the most? Where is your main market?
    The United States, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, countries that like to eat chicken are our markets. For us salespeople, there is no best market for sales, only the least excellent us. The USA,the Southeast Asia, the Middle East,the Africa,the main market the countries whose people like eating chickens.
  • Q
    Why is it that after all this time your equipment remains the same.
    Because the more professional equipment will not be fancy. Efficient and stable performance and convenient service is what we continue to pursue.

  • Q
    What certification documents do you have?
    IS09001 ISO14001 CE  SGE,We can also transact the certificate at any time according to your local requirements.
  • Q
    Are your products HALAL?
    Our products are not all HALAL products. We have exclusive products customized for HALAL according to the HALAL slaughtering way.
  • Q
    What about the delivery time? So long?
    The delivery time is usually 20-30 working days, because it is customized equipment, from raw materials to finished products, we need to check at every level, and strive to give customers the best quality products, superior equipment takes time to cast.
  • Q
    Can you help me get the order out in 20 days?
    1. I think we can meet your requirement if you can trust us.I will apply to company,but the precondition is that you can pay first. I am the top seller, so my orders are usually arranged to produce in advance. 2. There will be some sudden problems in the process of production,but I will explain  to you on video.Please you can choose to understand and trust me.
  • Q
    Can it be our brand?
    We can help the agent to label their own brand to the machines. You need send your brand logo or the brand you want to show and the brand labeled place to my mailbox in the form of PDF.Before labeling, we will make a sample to show the brand labeling effect. After your confirmation,we will label the brand you need to the machine.

  • Q
    Your products are not as good as those of other companies, and the price is higher than others. Can you explain it? Tell me why?
    OK. You can tell me the definite aspect where you are dissatisfied compared with other equipment. The comparison of the machine itself is not the price, is the performance and high guarantee. I hope we can establish trust between us. And you can trust that I will solve all the problems for you.


  • Q
    Could you send me the prices of all the items in the catalog. I want all the items and prices?
    Yes, but it will waste a lot of your time and won't help you. We have a large number of products, many of which are customized according to demand, so the price varies a lot. If you choose products according to our catalog, it may not meet your needs. Therefore, we suggest you provide relevant information according to our requirements. We will provide the products you need according to your information.
  • Q
    Is this your rock-bottom price?
    The quotation we offer is our lowest price. We have exclusive service. Customers can approve of us with some words like “good” during the communication and the salesman will keep the screenshot. Or customers can have a video with our salesman and the salesman will keep the video screenshot. If salesman provide such screenshots, our company will reduce 10% original price for customers.
  • Q
    What discount can I get?
    We offer a 36-month quality warranty and a complimentary one-year fragile parts.
  • Q
    Can you give me an extra subsidy or support?
    1. Yes, we will mainly provide you with a subsidy of price and support of technology and service. 2. We have a 7/24H service online team, to provide lifelong service, and always follow the purpose of "quality of survival, reputation and development". Always fulfill the after-sales service commitment, to solve problems for customers, no worries.
  • Q
    How to count the freight?
    1. FOB is the freight cost from factory to port. We will compare three forwarders in China to choose one whose cost performance is the best. 2. CIF is the cost from the port to the destination port. We will compare 3 domestic forwarders and choose the forwarder with the most suitable price performance. 3. You can also choose your own agent to make a comparison with ours.
  • Q
    How is my order going?
    It's still in production. Don’t worry and wait a moment. I will tell you the completion date on video in half an hour.
  • Q
    Can I order without paying a deposit? Can I pay in 45 days after loading?
    Sorry. The deposit can be paid according to your actual state.If you have problems in turnover of capital, please tell me and I can apply to my company.
  • Q
    Can you do a factory inspection or an authentication? And then we will consider making an order with you.
    Yes, we will fully cooperate with you if you need. I totally understand your worries in the such Internet era.We will also provide VR reality all the way, which makes higher efficiency.
  • Q
    Can you accept payment with a letter of credit?
    Yes, but we need to check it first. You can use it if it passes the approval of our bank.
  • Q
    Can you accept payment with L/C?
    Yes, but we need to check it first. You can use it if it passes the approval of our bank.
  • Q
    Could you give me the accounting period? Other companies can pay by L/C, how about yours?
    Yes, but we must check it first. You can use it if you pass our bank audit. We only make payment by L/C at sight.
  • Q
    Can I be the sole agent for our country/region?
    Whether you meet the requirements of sole agency in our country/region according to your quantity of present purchase.
  • Q
    I already have a long-term relationship with another company. Why should I buy yours?
    Good watch prevents misfortune.
  • Q
    Can you accept payment in other currencies besides US dollars?
  • Q
    Please see the attached payment slip. My goods will arrive at the port soon. Could you please send me the electronic copy of the manifest right away?
    The screenshot of the payment slip has been received. We will confirm the payment information with the bank within 2 working days. It will not delay you for a long time.
  • Q
    Can you come to my country to install the equipment?
    The epidemic is not convenient to access, we will take the way of drawing guidance installation. If it is convenient to access, we will arrange personnel to install it locally. Because of the risk , the installation cost will be very high. During the epidemic period, we focus on the introduction of integrated production line, to reduce the cost of customers.
  • Q
    If there is a problem with the equipment I bought, can you send someone to repair it?
    1. We will debug the equipment for 3 days before leaving the factory. During the trial, we will communicate with you on video about the performance of the product and the precautions for use, so there will be no problems with the equipment under normal circumstances. 2. Call our sales staff and explain the cause of the quality problem. 3. We will be the first to set up a technical team, live video solutions to your problems, and online guidance. 4. If it is a part replacement problem, we will give the local purchasing information within one hour.
  • Q
    My budget is not enough, any solutions?
    1. What is your specific budget? If the preliminary budget is not enough, we can help you apply for less deposit. The budget for the later period is not enough, so you can appropriately reduce the equipment that can be added in the later period, or you can buy some available equipment locally. 2.The overall budget is not enough, you are advised to borrow from the bank, or buy semi-automated equipment.
  • Q
    The price of the equipment is a little high. Can you give me a discount? How much the discount off?
    The quotation we offer is our lowest price. We have exclusive service. Customers can approve of us with some words like “good”during the communication and the salesman will keep the screenshot. Or customers can have a video with our salesman and salesman will keep the video screenshot.If salesman provide such screenshots,our company will reduce 10% original price for customers.
  • Q
    What are the customs clearance charges and customs duties?
    Each country and region is different, it is suggested to ask the local customs. Or we have exported to the same country, we can consult the old customer.
  • Q
    How is the epidemic in China now? Can we have a tour of the factory?
    Now that China has opened up to the world, travel can be prepared according to local travel requirements.
  • Q
    How many workers and engineers are there in your factory?
    The poultry processing equipment manufacturing company has 52 people and six engineers. The livestock processing equipment manufacturing company has 43 people and 5 engineers.       The boiler plant has 62 people and five engineers. The ice-making equipment factory has 62 people and three engineers. There are 58 people in the food processing facility and 5 engineers. The environmental equipment factory has 88 people and 10 engineers. The marketing and import and export trading company has 22 people.
  • Q
    How many years is the maximum warranty for your equipment?
    3 to 6 years.
  • Q
    What is the area of your factory?
    The total area is 12000 sqm. Poultry processing equipment Manufacturing company covers an area of 8000 sqm.
  • Q
    Can I get a commission on the equipment? How much do I get?
    Yes, according to the amount, or you directly add the price on the equipment, the added amount deducted the corresponding tax, can be all as commission.
  • Q
    What professional exhibitions have you attended?
    Algeria Poultry Exhibition Indonesia Poultry Exhibition Philippine Animal Husbandry Exhibition Malaysia Animal Husbandry Exhibition Vietnam Poultry Exhibition
  • Q
    Which countries and regions do you have agents in?
    Please understand that these agencies are confidential, and we are responsible for them. If you need to represent our brand or need our local agent service, please provide (company name/personal name/phone number/email) and I will apply to find the customer file.
  • Q
    Do you hare slaughter full set of equipment and videos of equipment?
    Hare slaughter only requires a conveyor line, relatively simple equipment we did not shoot video.
  • Q
    What material is the equipment made of?
    304 stainless steel, we can provide qualified certificate.
  • Q
    What's the specific process of commission?
    The commission need to be applied to the company before quotation and will be given after approval. We will remit the commission to the client after payment in full.
  • Q
    What's the dimension of equipment?
    We will make detailed measurement.
  • Q
    Do you have the operation videos of equipment?
  • Q
    Do you have plant layout drawings?
    Yes, free-issue.
  • Q
    Is it possible to add a separate switch to the equipment?
    Yes, but you must inform the environment in advance.According to the normal environment of slaughtering chicken is not recommended to add switch alone, because it involves safety issues.
  • Q
    Can the equipment be made of 316 stainless steel?
    Yes, but the cost increase and the performance effect is unchanged. 304 stainless steel is reasonable material which gets the qualified certificate and fully up to the standard of slaughtering poultry.
  • Q
    How to keep the water in scalder clean?
    It is recommended to change the water frequently.
  • Q
    Is the equipment up to the standard for export to Europe?
    Yes, we have relevant certification of CE and GS.
  • Q
    How to handle the slaughter waste water?
    Effluent-disposal standard in every country is different and you can consult local environmental protection department. We can provide Effluent-disposal project according to local requirements.
  • Q
    Can the integrated equipment line be modified to increase the equipment of  head and foot cutter?
    Yes, the machines are customized by customers’ requirements originally and the customization is the advantage of our company.
  • Q
    Do you have oversea service personnel?
    NO, because we have a strict grasp of equipment quality.
  • Q
    How many motors are there in the scalder? How many bearings are there in the plucker?
    It's decided by different scalders and pluckers. We will also sort out specific data later.
  • Q
    What type of tuning temperature controller is?
    Automatic Temperature Control System
  • Q
    What's the first discount? What's the lowest price?
    There is no minimum price, only the best, most trusted price.
  • Q
    Do you have an agent in South America? How do I become your agent?
    1. Please understand that these agencies are confidential, and we are responsible for them. If you need to represent our brand or need our local agent service, please provide (company name/personal name/phone number/email) and I will apply to find the customer file. 2. To be our agent, we need to sign an agency agreement. There are different requirements depending on the agent level.
  • Q
    Have you exported your equipment to Botswana? Can you tell me the name and address of the client?
    Yes, but please understand that we need the customer's consent before we can give you the customer's information. If you cooperate with us, I will keep your information confidential. This is our business principle.
  • Q
    Are there any breeding facilities? Incubators and chicken water fountains?
    Yes, you can find them on the 1688 website.
  • Q
    Can you do CAD or 90 days account period?
  • Q
    What is the Acoustic sound level of the pre-chilling machine?
    Below 60 decibels, generally in 40 decibels.
  • Q
    Could you supply solar systems?
    If you buy slaughtering equipment, we can provide solar energy system.If you don’t buy our machines, we had better not provide the solar system with you because we are not professional in it.
  • Q
    Which country and which brand are the main parts of the ice machine?
    Denmark, Italy.
  • Q
    Can the integrated equipment be on-site installation and training?
    This problem is redundant, and the integrated equipment does not need to be installed. We will mark the schematic diagram of machine-to-machine docking, and you will use it directly after receiving the goods. We will provide video training and on-site video guidance in the process of shipment debugging.
  • Q
    Are there any pig slaughtering facilities?
    Yes, one of our factories is specialized in this.
  • Q
    How many customers do you have in China? Are there any major domestic projects?
    We have installed more than 1,600 chicken and duck slaughter line equipment in China, and cooperate with most of the major poultry processing groups in China.
  • Q
    Do you have any unique designs for animal welfare?
    Our slaughtering facilities cater for animal euthanasia.
  • Q
    Besides ISO SGS CE, what other certificates do you have?
    These certificates have basically met the needs of the customers. If you need a special certificate, our company will handle it for you. It will not affect your purchasing plan.
  • Q
    What's the difference between the three pluckers?
    1. A shape plucker: The disadvantage is that it can not remove the feather of the chicken head and foot. In the case of production growth, the equipment can continue to be used, just add new equipment to meet the production demand. The whole process does not require manual operation, but it can be used only after installation. 2. Flat plate plucker: It can remove all the feathers from the chicken, but it needs to be sorted out manually. 3. Conventional plucker: It must be equipped with integrated line equipment and has fixed productivity. New equipment cannot be added while production is growing. Only new equipment can be purchased to meet the new production demand. Easy to use, no installation required.
  • Q
    Can 500BHP integrated line poultry slaughtering equipment be expanded to 1000BPH?
    The productivity of 1000bhp has achieved.
  • Q
    Do you have air-cooled?
  • Q
    Is there any equipment for disposing chicken offal (inedible parts)?
    We have Gizzard fat washer, Gizzard skin peeler, and poultry lung cleaning.
  • Q
    What is the hardness of the depilation rod?
    The hardness meets the plucking rate of 99.9% and the breakage rate below 0.001%.
  • Q
    Can I pay in RMB?
    Yes, but you'd better not.
  • Q
    Can chicken and other poultry drop into screw pre-chilling directly after being disposed of by integrated line equipment?
  • Q
    Is there any eviscerated equipment in the poultry slaughtering integrated line equipment?
    Yes, the integrated line equipment is equipped with the eviscerated machine.

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