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Analyzing How Breed and Age Affect Scalding and Plucking Efficiency and Quality in Poultry Processing | Eruis

June 20, 2023

Scalding and plucking are important steps in poultry processing that determine the quality and efficiency of the final product. However, different breeds and ages of chickens can affect the scalding and plucking efficiency and quality. In this blog, we will delve deeper into the specifics of scalding and plucking based on different breeds and ages of chickens.


Different breeds of chickens have different feather types, which can affect the efficiency of feather removal during the plucking process. Soft-feathered breeds, such as Leghorn, Cornish, and Plymouth Rock, have feathers that are relatively easy to remove. On the other hand, hard-feathered breeds, such as Gamefowl and Malay, have feathers that are more difficult to remove. For hard-feathered breeds, it is important to have a longer scalding time to soften the feathers and make them easier to remove.

In addition to feather type, different breeds of chickens also have different skin thicknesses and textures. Chickens with thinner skin are more susceptible to damage during the scalding and plucking process. Therefore, for breeds with thinner skin, it is important to use a lower water temperature during the scalding process to prevent damage.


As for the age of chickens, younger chickens have softer feathers that are easier to remove, and their skin is thinner and less developed, making it less prone to tearing during scalding and plucking. For older chickens, their feathers become tougher and more difficult to remove, and their skin becomes thicker and more developed, making it more prone to tearing. To overcome these challenges, it is important to adjust the scalding and plucking methods based on the age of the chickens being processed. For example, older chickens may require a longer scalding time or a more aggressive plucking method to effectively remove the feathers.


When it comes to poultry processing equipment, the Eruis poultry plucking and scalding machine is an excellent option. It features a cylinder plucking method that is gentle on delicate skin and can effectively remove feathers from a variety of poultry breeds and ages. The machine also includes a scalding system with adjustable water temperature and circulation, allowing for customized scalding based on the needs of the birds being processed.


Breed and age are important factors to consider when it comes to scalding and plucking in poultry processing. By selecting the appropriate scalding and plucking methods and equipment for each breed and age, poultry processing facilities can achieve optimal efficiency and quality in their operations. Consider investing in high-quality poultry processing equipment such as the Eruis poultry plucking and scalding machine to improve the quality and efficiency of your poultry processing operations.

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