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  2. 1、Faster Plucking: Our machine melts the wax quickly and efficiently, which helps speed up the plucking process. This can save time and increase productivity in a poultry processing plant.

2. Improved Feather Removal: The wax impregnation process helps to improve feather removal, resulting in cleaner and more efficient plucking. This can help to reduce the amount of time and effort required to pluck each bird.

3. Reduced Feather Loss: The wax impregnation process helps to prevent feather loss during plucking, resulting in better yields and less waste. This can improve profitability for poultry processing plants.

4. Consistent Plucking: The uniform distribution of wax throughout the carcass ensures consistent plucking results for each bird. This can help to improve the quality of finished products and reduce variability in the plucking process.

5. Improved Hygiene: The wax impregnation process can help to reduce the spread of bacteria and other pathogens during plucking, improving hygiene and food safety in the processing plant.

6. Increased Efficiency: By reducing the time and effort required for plucking, our advanced machine can increase overall efficiency in a poultry processing plant, resulting in cost savings and improved profitability.


TypeElectrical stunning machine
CapacityUp to 5000 birds per hour
Power consumption5KW
Control systemProgrammable Logic Controller(PLC)
MaterialStainless steel
Operating temperature5℃ to 40℃
Stunning methodWater bath(low voltage)
Bird size range0.8 kg to 5 kg
Water temperature40℃ to 50°℃
Water consumption2.5 litres per bird
Water tank capacity500 litres
Safety featuresEmergency stop buttonoverload protectioncircuit breaker

Chicken Slaughter Process

Eruis stainless steel shackles can bear over 100kg in weight. 

Stun the chicken immediately with a safety device for operators.         

After stunning, workers can slaughter the chickens easily and fast.


The chickens hung upside down on the transfer line, shifting and bleeding.                                     

Automatic control of water level and temperature for scalding the chickens.

De-feathering the chickens clearly with a speed&angle control function.  

Chicken heads will be cut automatically with a sharp edge.      

On the chicken slaughter line, workers will eviscerate the viscera.

The automatic sharp cutter device will cut the chicken feet fast and high-efficiently.   

The slaughtered chickens will drop on the bird-received platform for further disposing.
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Eruis participated in the International Poultry and Livestock Show in Pakistan
Eruis CEO Rais in the International Livestock Exhibition in Russia.
Eruis participated in the International Livestock Exhibition in Bangladesh.                          
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