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9 Reasons You Need to Choose Eruis Automatic Compact Slaughter Line

December 20, 2022

Over 100 poultry slaughtering enterprises worldwide have been equipped with Eruis automatic compact slaughter line equipment which considerably doubles their productivity and profits. Why so many people choose Eruis compact slaughter line? Here are 9 reasons you need to know.


1. All made of 304 stainless steel

The chickens are hung on stainless steel shackles under the conveyor line. Do you worry about some accidents during the operation of the whole equipment, such as chicken falling? The chicken compact slaughter line is rigorously tested. A single shackle can bear over 50kg, the weight of an adult man.


The chicken slaughter line for slaughtering and processing will inevitably come into contact with water and some chicken blood, so it is necessary to choose the best materials. The equipment must be corrosion-resistant, rust-free, and durable. So we choose high-quality stainless steel 304 as the raw material to meet these needs.


So It is a once and for all choice to buy a chicken slaughtering line equipment that is perfect in terms of the material, manufacturing process, and design.


2. Strict IQC for Chicken Slaughtering Line

Eruis have strict and perfect processing technology: raw material inspection IQC, plate cutting, welding, etc. We will conduct a strict inspection of the finished equipment, its components, random accessories, and spare parts, including the materials used, the thickness of the plates, and whether the welding points of the SUS 304 plates are smooth, void-free, and beautiful. We will assemble the equipment, operate the machine in unloading condition and test it in production.


3. Easy to transport without installation

A 40-foot container is enough for shipping. We will install the slaughtering line equipment in three parts. You only need to install the screws and wires at the connection according to our installation manuals without hiring professional installers.


Eruis compact poultry slaughtering line is only 40 feet long and 8 feet wide, so it takes up less space and saves investment by eliminating the need to build a factory. And the whole set of equipment is easy to install.


We will assemble and debug the device for you in the factory and then deliver it without professional installation. The power system of the whole slaughter line is equipped with cables, which can be plugged in and used.


So poultry slaughter line equipment can save installation and time costs during the pandemic. Eruis poultry slaughtering line can meet the slaughter and processing output of 500 to 3000 chickens per hour.


The equipment is easy to move and operate, clean, and maintain. All transportation only needs 40HQ. The set of equipment is standardized design and your good choice!


4. Abide by animal welfare principles

The whole slaughtering process strictly follows the principles of humane slaughtering. Prior to slaughtering or killing chickens, there will be special steps to make them unconscious and insensible to pain instantly, in order to minimize the level and duration of pain in poultry.


5. Superb scalding and plucking results for chickens

A fully automatic scalding and plucking system without manual operation. Both the time and temperature of scalding are scientific values set after research. The plucking part can even achieve more than 99% feather removal rate and 0 breakage rate for chicken.


6. Fully automatic control system

The scalding part works with a full-automatic control system, automatic water supply, temperature control, and customized power. The bearings of the whole equipment adopt the most advanced waterproof and noise reduction design.


7. Full Custom Service

We design the plant layout according to your land, and productivity requirements, and provide you with equipment solutions according to your needs.


8. Saving the cost of time and labor, and improving your productivity

It can reduce a large part of manual operations and reduce labor costs. The compact automatic poultry slaughter line can meet the requirements of 500-3000bph. The average processing time will be greatly reduced. The output will also increase greatly.


9. Amazing after-sales service

Once purchased, we provide professional staff training for free. A PTS group to provide you with professional life-long after-sales service, 24/7 online.


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