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5 Things You Need to Know about Screw Pre-chilling Machine

February 02, 2023

1. Basic Introduction

The spiral pre-chilling machine is designed for the main support of large or medium-sized poultry slaughtering lines. It is suitable as a pre-chilling machine for chicken, duck, and goose carcasses after slaughtering and evisceration.


2. The basic structure and working principle

This equipment is mainly composed of the cell body, drive system, screw propulsion system, blast system, chicken (duck) output system, etc. The whole machine is made of 303 stainless steel, beautiful and clean. The drive system of this machine adopts a frequency converter to adjust the speed, It has the advantages of accurate speed regulation and energy saving. Users can set the pre-chilling time according to the actual production.


3. Benefits of spiral pre-chilling machine

(1) The cooling speed is fast.

It only takes 10-15 minutes for chickens to cool from 100°C to room temperature, and about 25 minutes to cool down to below 10°C, which has high production efficiency. In contrast, The strong wind pre-cooling needs 5 hours, and the cold storage needs more than 10 hours.


(2) Uniform cooling temperature.

Because the food cooling temperature depends on the vacuum degree in the vacuum chamber, and the vacuum degree (pressure value) in the vacuum chamber is equal everywhere, the temperature inside and outside the food is uniform.


(3) Avoid the secondary pollution of the environment to food.

After the vacuum cooling is completed, the air is repressurized into the box. The air is filtered gas, and the gas filled in the cooling box does not contain dust and suspended matter, which can avoid secondary pollution of food by dust and suspended matter in the air.


4. Avoid environmental pollution

During the pre-chilling process, cooked food cooled in a sealed vacuum state is clean and hygienic without pollution.


5. Get much tender meat

After pre-chilling, the meat can become more tender and delicious. The poultry carcass after slaughter is still warm. If it is not cooled and cleaned, it will deteriorate in the later preservation process and is not easy to preserve.


Eruis Screw Pre-chilling Machine that adopts high-pressure air-flow agitation and screw blade push-ahead method to cool chickens evenly and gets a better taste. Click here to learn more details.

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