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12 Steps For Chicken Slaughtering in a Slaughterhouse

November 25, 2022

12 Steps For Chicken Slaughtering in a Slaughterhouse

How to slaughter thousands of chickens a day? If you go to a slaughterhouse, you will see the automatic slaughter of chickens with compact slaughter line equipment. You will be amazed at the tremendous scene of the commercial chicken slaughter. The chicken slaughter line includes 12 steps: bird reception, stunning(Halal slaughter doesn't need it), head cutting, bloodletting, scalding, plucking, cutting chickens heads, eviscerating, cutting chicken feet, pre-chilling, cutting to pieces, and packaging.


1. Bird Reception: hang the chickens on the stainless steel shackles of the slaughter line. Slaughter conveying line consists of hanging wheels and SUS304 shackles.

Nylon products have good mechanical properties. It has heat and wear resistance and long service life. It can match different transmission speeds, low friction coefficient, lubricating, and more smooth transmission process. Good shock absorption and noise reduction, so that less noise is generated during the working of the equipment. 


The stainless steel shackle is used to hang poultry such as chickens and is made of 304 stainless steel. 

2. Stunning: This step is not for Halal slaughter.

Electrical water bath stunning is the most common method used in commercial slaughterhouses. After shackling, the birds’ heads are immersed in an electrified water bath, causing the current to run through the head and body, thus inducing unconsciousness. Stunning and bleeding are integral steps in poultry slaughter. In the European Union, animals must be rendered unconscious before slaughter and incapable of perceiving pain. An effective stunning method, therefore, needs to be applied.

Halal slaughter and Islamic slaughter: According to Islamic law, the following needs to be observed when slaughtering: The slaughterer must cut both the windpipe and the esophagus along with the jugular veins. This ensures that the main nerves that relay pain to the animal are severed immediately. The butcher must use a knife to cut the animal as quickly as possible. It is recommended to sharpen the knife and feed the animal in advance to calm its nerves and eliminate its anxiety.

This step is not for Halal slaughter.

3. Head Cutting

Head cutting, the chickens lost consciousness after stunning. The chickens will not struggle with the head cutting. On the other hand, Halal slaughtering requires a professional slaughterer to kill the chickens as quickly as possible using professional equipment.



Halal slaughtering requires a professional slaughterer to kill the chickens as quickly as possible.

4. Bloodletting

After slaughter, the chickens need to be bloodlet in case of the chicken appears bloody, affecting the taste. This part will be carried out as the transfer line moves.



5. Scalding: Chickens need to be scalded for better de-feathering. Scalding needs proper water temperature and time.

No skin damage but plucking easily.

Chicken scalder is suitable for different breeds of chicken to use. Set the corresponding scalding temperature and time according to different breeds of chickens, and the chicken can be taken out manually after completing the scalding work. The rubber roller of the scalding machine is driven by a motor for rotation, and double mixes with airflow, instead of manual mixing.

It is box shape construction, saving energy, and automatic control of water temperature and water level. There are two types of heating methods: electric heating and steam heating, which can meet customers with different needs. The chicken skin after scalding is heated thoroughly and evenly, which makes plucking time-saving and labor-saving. It can not only get perfect scalding performance but also meet different processing capacity requirements.

If the temperature of scalding water is too high, the chicken skin will be damaged and the skin will be removed when plucking. If the temperature is too low, the feathers will be plucked hard. But the setting water temperature and scalding time of the scalder are researched scientifically, which makes the chicken scalded properly, with no skin damage but plucking easily.


6. Chicken Pluckers: After scalding, plucking is more accessible than before with the automatic plucking machine.

After scalding, plucking is easier than before with the automatic plucking machine.

Chicken pluckers are mechanical devices that are semi-automatic or automatic. They are time-saving tools meant for removing feathers from poultry like chickens, geese, ducks, and turkeys. The plucker is used to pluck the feather after scalding.

There are 3 types of chicken pluckers for you to choose from.

A-Shape Plucker is designed to correspond to the number of working boxes and lengths to suit various poultry or processing capacity requirements.

Conventional Plucker is shaped like a compartment. You need to throw the chickens in it. This plucker is used to match the poultry slaughtering all-in-one machine.

A Flat Plate Plucker is used to pluck the feather off after scalding. Its flat muti-drum-type structure can pluck various kinds of poultry easily or in manual lifting adjusting mode.


7. Eviscerating

Next is an evisceration. This part is equipped with special tools to help eviscerate the chickens' visceral easily. And then you can pick up some of it like gizzards.


8. Cutting chicken heads: If you don't need chicken heads, you will spend time cutting them.

According to your needs, we will provide you with chicken head cutters to remove these parts of chickens automatically. The cutters are made of SUS304 and equipped with sharp knives. These knives are under the control of quality inspection, sharp and durable. The cutters can cut the chicken heads quickly and automatically. The cutting chicken heads will drop down on the stainless steel received platform.

9. Cutting Chicken Feet

At this step, the chicken feet cutter will cut the feet if you want. You can get chickens without the heads and feet for sale. The chicken feet cutter was made of SUS304, sharp and hard. It can cut the chicken feet easily. The chicken feet have a beautiful tangent plane for further selling.

10. Pre-chilling

The Screw Pre-chilling Machine plays a role in cleaning, cooling, and deacidifying the carcass after slaughter in the process of poultry slaughter line. The poultry carcass after slaughter is still warm. If it is not cooled and cleaned, it will deteriorate in the later preservation process and is not easy to preserve. Therefore, the poultry carcass should be cooled down after slaughter. The pre-cooling time is about 30 minutes. The temperature of the water is about 0-4 degrees. The size of the screw pre-chilling machine can be customized according to the slaughter amount of customers.


The size of the screw pre-chilling machine can be customized according to the slaughter amount of customers.

11. Cutting the chickens into pieces

Chickens are automatically dropped to the receiving platform where they can be packed and stored. But if you're not selling the chicken whole, then at this point it's cut up. This is a chicken cutter from Eruis, a semi-automatic product with sharp blades and protection. This cutting machine is convenient to cut any part of the chicken such as wings, legs, and so on, and easy and fast.


12. Packaging

The slaughter and processing of the chickens are almost done. The chickens can be conveyed to workers and packaged for shipping to different places.

So that's the whole process of the chicken slaughter. If you need Eruis compact chicken slaughter line equipment, please contact us!

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