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Togo 500BPH complete chicken slaughter machine line coming

June 11, 2021, a hot summer day and a hot sun, just today, we will send a set of equipment to Togo. The customer ordered a set of integrated chicken slaughtering equipment in mid-April. We know customers in Togo on the Internet. After the Spring Festival in late February, the customer sent an inquiry and communicated via e-mail. The customer stated that he wanted a set of chicken slaughtering equipment, so we learned about his needs from the customer and learned about the customer. After meeting his needs, we formulated a suitable plan for the customer, and we also explained the implementation process of the entire plan to the customer. The customer expressed that he was satisfied with our plan. In some details, we actively communicated with the customer and finally determined the plan. Today we are sending this set of chicken slaughtering equipment to customers.

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