Philippine 1000BPH chicken slaughter line

It’s December 16, 2020, today we will ship a set of equipment to Philippines.

We met the Philippines customer  in early October, and the customer sent us an inquiry. After that, we learned that the customer needed a set of chicken slaughtering equipment. We ask the client about his requirements , and he also told us about the various requirements of the equipment he need. So according to the needs of the client and the existing situation, we have designed a plan that suits the needs of the customer, and we sent the plan to him. At the same time, we introduced in detail the chicken slaughtering process of this program and solved some of the customer's doubts. After understanding, the customer said that it is a good solution.

After confirming the plan, we worked overtime to complete the production of this set of chicken slaughtering equipment, and ship this set of equipment to Philippines today.

Philippine chicken slaughter line

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