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10000BPH Chicken and 5000BPH duck slaughter equipment to CHAOHU CHINA

On September 12, 2020, We shipped 4 vehicles slaughter equipment to Chaohu, Anhui.

The equipment we sent to Chaohu today are a chicken slaughtering line and a duck slaughtering line. The customer is very strict with choosing a manufacturer. We introduced to the customer that we,Nanjing Xinbaiyun Equipment Company, are a professional manufacturer of poultry slaughtering equipment, and customer also  inspected in our production workshop. During the visiting, our engineers also gave customers a detailed introduction about poultry slaughtering process and the parameters and functions of each equipment. After customer learned about our companys professionalism and perfect after-sales service, he finally choose our company in many companies.

After confirming the plan, we strictly controled the quality and send professional poultry slaughtering equipment to the customer.

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